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Collision Repair

Ken’s Auto Body & Striping is a Full Service Auto Collision Repair Center.

The experts at Ken’s Auto Body & Striping know that auto body collision damage can be traumatizing. We pride ourselves in using top quality materials, state of the art equipment, superior workmanship and top-notch customer service. If you’ve just been in a collision, you don’t need the added stress of navigating collision repair and trying to find a trustworthy shop. When you visit Ken’s Auto Body & Striping for auto collision repair, we guarantee that we’ll perform all the services necessary to make your car good as new. We know it’s important to offer one-stop-shop services, so our experienced technicians are trained in repairs for all types of collision damage.


  • Front End Collision repair: If an auto collision has left you with a dented or otherwise damaged front end, our expert technicians can fix that. At Ken’s Auto Body & Striping, we can repair anything from a small dent to a significantly damaged front end.
  • Rear End Collision Repair: Whether you’ve been rear-ended in traffic, or experienced a major collision, our unique Santa Cruz auto body repair facility is equipped to help you at a reasonable cost and within a reasonable timeframe.
  • Side Door Collision Repair: Regardless of the extent of damage to your side doors, the technicians at Ken’s Auto Body & Striping will make your doors good as new. We’ll fix dents, scratches, and even more significant damage efficiently without any hassle to you.


No matter the angle or extent of the damage to your automobile, our experienced technicians are trained to repair it. At Ken’s Auto Body & Striping, we are always ready to restore your vehicle to factory new. We will provide you with the best service regardless of the type of damage.

Lastly, we offer free, no-obligation estimates. Come in and have one of our technicians evaluate the damage to your car. We’ll give you a detailed summary of the damages, and the projected cost to repair your vehicle. We look forward to helping you!