12/12/2015 Jonathan Manton The best experience I have ever had at an Auto Body shop! I was in an accident in early November. Someone rear ended me on the freeway. Following a bad experience with another garage who gave my insurance company a really low estimate and said the car was still able to be driven, I took it to our local garage, Ken's. Turns out there was over $4000 worth of damage and the car should have been off the road from the start. I had just landed another job on the east coast and we were planning to drive the car across country three weeks later after leaving it with Ken. Despite Thanksgiving and a problem sourcing a vital part for the repair, Ken and Kristina did everything possible and got the car ready on time. They saved our trip. This is how auto body shops should be! Can't recommend them highly enough!
12/22/2014 David OShea They are so customer friendly especially when you are have a bad time day because you wrecked your vehicle. They were so helpful and friendly throughout the whole process. I would love to send a friend to them if I ever have a friend who needs thier services.
2/12/2014 Jen G. My insurance company told me about Ken's since they were on the list of approved shops.  I had to get another estimate at Kraft's Auto Body.  Hands down Ken's was so much more professional, friendly, knowledgeable and down to earth.  Krafts was a typically corporate atmosphere which I don't care for.  The staff at Ken's felt like friends that I have known for years.  The work they did was perfect and done when they said it would be.  I recommend this place to everyone they know what there doing.  Christina and Ken you are the best.  Thanks for the great service.Jen G.
10/21/2013 Susie Thank You Ken's Auto Body for restoring my brand new car after a hit & run. You made an unfortunate situation stress free & my car is perfect & beautiful again. Your staff are friendly, highly skilled, & professional. You made me feel like a valued & special customer. Thank You.
8/1/2013 Randall Kramer my 1971 Chevy el Camino had a cherry plum sitting on the paint for 5 days making a difficult stain for me to remove. I drove to Ken's shop to get his professional opinion on how to remove the stain. He came out looked at my vehicle and went right to work, wet sanding then buffing out the stain! Took the time and did the work himself. Outstanding! Happy satisfied repeat customer, earning my future business...
5/10/2013 Kerry Brown Once again, Ken did a magnificant job! My daughter 06 Rav 4 had some scratches and a good size (mom inflicted) dent. In less than 24 hours, he replaced the bumper with a brand new one, and the car looks better than new. My daughter and I think the world of Ken and can't thank him enough. THANKS AND MORE THANKS TO THE BEST BODY SHOP IN SC. Kerry and Laura Brown
3/21/2013 Adrienne V. So I brought my hummer in to get repairs. Ken was really nice and extremely helpful . They gave me a quote and my bill came up exactly what they had quoted plus the work was done perfect. They drove my car to me since I wasn't available to pick it up. Very very nice, great group of guys working there also.
10/20/2012 Ken (not the owner) I willo be recommending Ken's Auto Body to anyone I see who needs bodywork on their car. His work was excellent, but more importantly, his customer service was an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10. I was recently involved in an extremely frustrating situation with the insurance company of the driver who hit our car. Ken went to bat for me even before the work was authorized by the insurance company. He stepped up and stepped in to intercede on my behalf. This is a sign of his honesty, integrity, and willingness to go the extra mile to help his customers. I VERY rarely see this kind of commitment to excellent customer service these days. Ken get it!!!!
10/3/2012 Ken -- I intended to sign my review by ended up clicking on "submit" before I typed my name in the boxes. So if you can, please add my name to my review. And thanks for a truly superior job. I'm stoked. Your fan, John
10/3/2012 Ken astonished me with the transformation he worked on my formerly rusty 1968 Volkswagen Bug. I have owned the car since it was brand new. I picked it up at the factory in Germany on a delivery abroad program and have been driving it ever since. I've owned other cars at the same time, so the mileage is low for the car's age, only 280,000 miles. But it was in a front-end wreck when it was only three years old, and it has never been garaged. My experience with the body shop that fixed my Bug's front end in 1971 -- the only experience with a body shop I've had until I met Ken -- was unhappy. The car looked fine when I picked it up, but I soon found that mechanical parts of the front end weren't fixed properly, or at all. Plus the body shop took much longer than they said they would. They didn't return my calls, etc. I ended up having to fix the front end mechanical problems myself. My experience with Ken was the total opposite of that. My Bug was beginning to develop serious rust spots, and the paint was so oxidized it looked like primer. Yet the car still ran like new. After 44 years driving it, I had lots of cherished memories. I didn't want to give up on it and sell it. Everyone said, "Oh, keep it and fix it up." So how did I choose to take my Bug to Ken? Now retired, I walk a lot for exercise. I passed Ken's shop often, and noticed that some of the cars he worked on were show cars -- restored older cars and hot rods. Those cars looked absolutely flawless when they left his shop. The other cars were all new or recent models. They, too, looked like brand new when he finished with them. I thought, "I'll just take my car in for an estimate. I'll get a couple more after this one." Ken's professionalism and enthusiasm for his work persuaded me that I didn't need to bother getting another estimate or two. I'm usually conservative when I have work done, and get at least three estimates. But after a session with Ken I knew I'd found the right place for my old Bug. And I was right. Ken kept all his promises. Now that I have the car back I just can't believe how good it looks. I couldn't be happier with every aspect of the my experience with Ken, from beginning to end.
Thank you John - Ken's Auto Body & Striping